RE101 challenge is a binary analysis exercise - a task security analysts do to understand how a specific malware works and extract possible intel.

# Question Weight Solved
1 File: MALWARE000 - I've used this new encryption I heard about online for my warez; I bet you can't extract the flag! 100 36

2 File: Just some JS - Check out what I can do! 100 38

3 File: This is not JS - I'm tired of Javascript. Luckily, I found the grand-daddy of that lame last language! 150 32

4 File: Unzip Me - I zipped flag.txt and encrypted it with the password "password", but I think the header got messed up... You can have the flag if you fix the file 175 18

5 File: MALWARE101 - Apparently, my encryption isn't so secure. I've got a new way of hiding my flags! 400 22

6 File: MALWARE201 - Ugh... I guess I'll just roll my own encryption. I'm not too good at math, but it looks good to me! 550 16