Boss Of The SOC v2
SHA1SUM a0dbe494c040f01fa65c3478e820d48523e63ea2
Published Aug. 4, 2020
Author Splunk Team
Size 12 GiB
Tags Splunk BossOfTheSOC SIEM Threat Hunting
  • Virtualbox: unzip the VM (pass:, start VM, and access Splunk from host machine via
  • VMware: login to the VM using vagrant/vagrant and grab the IP address of the VM using "IP address" command. Access Splunk from the host machine using the IP address assigned to the VM via http://x.x.x.x:8000
  • Challenge Files:
    • bots2.ova (Memory: 4 GB, CPU: 2 Cores, Disk: 17.5 GB).

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