SHA1SUM 4c14d92d534870b665f08d9f23c73c21f7292ce2
Published Jan. 1, 2021
Author Ali Alwashali
Size 20 GB
Tags SIEM QRadar IBM Threat Hunting

This challenge is designed to work with VirtualBox. Download challenge VM and uncompress it using the password 'cyberdefenders.org'

  • Please make sure to watch the instructional video under the Walkthroughs section.
  • Make sure you have a host-only subnet within the following IP range
  • Assign the proper network adapter ( to the VM before starting it.
  • Wait for some minutes after the import completes then visit:
  • Challenge credentials: QRadar Dashboard: admin:[email protected] - SSH: root:cyberdefenders

In case you face a license issue, please go to > License Pool Management. Edit and set eps > 0 and edit the FPM and set it to 0. This will ensure you will not have a license problem.

Hardware Requirements: 8GB of memory and 65GB of disk space.

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