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CyberRange Educational Mode: Unlocking Cybersecurity for Beginners

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our BlueYard Cyber Range Labs: the “Educational Mode.” This new lab mode is designed to enhance your learning experience by providing additional support whenever you find yourself facing a challenge. Understanding that cybersecurity training can sometimes be daunting, we’ve introduced this feature to ensure you never feel stuck. Whether you’re grappling with a complex problem or need a bit more guidance, switching to Educational Mode offers the extra help you need to navigate through the labs successfully. It’s our way of making sure that learning remains a continuous, supported journey for all our users.

Welcoming New Defenders

If you’re just stepping into the vast world of cybersecurity, say hello to your new best friend: Educational Mode. It’s like having a guide by your side, walking you through the CyberRange with hands-on tasks and crystal-clear explanations. And guess what? Flipping between learning modes is as easy as a click. This is your playground to experiment, learn, and grow into the Defender you’re meant to be.

The Same Experience, But Better

For our experienced users, fear not: the launch of Educational Mode is designed to enhance, not hinder, your journey. It will in no way compromise your ability to revel in the excitement of tackling labs solo via Expert Mode. Your cherished experience, the labs you adore, and your capability to share walkthroughs will stay intact. This update is about expanding your choices, not restricting them.

And the cherry on top? Transitioning between modes is a breeze, requiring nothing more than a simple click.


Labs Ready for Action

Dive into Educational Mode with these epic labs:

These are just the beginning, with more retired labs soon joining the ranks. Each lab is a unique battlefield, ready to test your skills and expand your knowledge.

What’s Holding You Back?

Alright, folks, Educational Mode is more than just a feature—it’s our pledge to make sure every Defender has a place to sharpen their skills, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in the field for years. We’re all about creating a space where learning meets doing, theory meets practice, and everyone steps up their game.

We’re excited to see how you dive in and make the most of it. Share your stories, your victories, and yes, even the hiccups along the way over on our Discord. Your feedback is the compass that guides us to be better every day.

Curious to know more about the Educational Mode and how it works with active/retired labs? Check out this Help Center article! ​

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