# About CyberDefenders

The idea of CyberDefenders came through when both co-founders were working on a joint project to train a team of security analysts. They noticed the absence of a "user-friendly" training platform for BlueTeams. There are many valuable resources online, but they are scattered and come in various formats (i.e., SIEM, log analysis, PCAP analysis, reversing, forensics...etc.). Most importantly, it takes a lot of time to build and run.

Each defensive skill follows a different approach when it comes to setting up the practice environment and finding the proper validation mechanism, unlike the offensive side, where getting root or system access is what it takes to prove and validate a specific skill.

Our goal is to help the community practice with quality resources, use their time efficiently, and connect with fellow professionals. Another thing we hope to achieve is to help defenders market for their skills by sharing their content publicly. Aside from being an effective way to contribute and share knowledge, creating content in itself is a great learning experience and a proven method to build your brand.

# The Team

Muhammad Alharmeel

Muhammad Alharmeel

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer