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CyberDefenders is a blue team training platform focused on the defensive side of cybersecurity to learn, validate, and advance CyberDefense skills.

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Certified CyberDefender (CCD)… - CCD is a vendor-neutral, hands-on cyber defense training and certification. This course will jumpst…

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GoogleCloudHunt - Instructions: Uncompress the challenge (pass: Scenario: A wide cr…

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Defend Smarter, Not Harder

Enhance your cyberdefense skills with our blue team challenges and real-world scenarios.

Less hype

We do not use jargons like 'cutting-edge', 'game-changing', and 'revolutionary'. We respect our users and trust their judgment.

More value

If we were to describe what we are trying to do in simple words, it would be 'solving defenders problems' one problem at a time, providing straightforward yet reliable solutions.

Community powered

The best projects are community-driven ones. Our users are our partners. They drive, shape, and lead vision execution.

Our users are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our users do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our blue team and DFIR work!

" It's a great blue team hands-on course! From a content perspective, it is well written and structured. It offers a very nice blend of various skills of Cyber Defense. The strength of CyberDefenders resides in its labs! It prepares you to do the job, not just teach a bunch of theories and tools."

"Cyber Defenders website have some good free labs for Purple/Blue Team including:
SIEM, Malware Analysis, Forensic, Reversing, OSINT, Packet Analysis, Malicious Document Inspection"

"Certified CyberDefender (CCD) is really awesome, and the content is relevant (and huge). Training labs are also challenging, and adapting the Defende Smarter, Not Harder way of thinking (credits to: Muhammad Alharmeel)."

" Quality content and amazing labs without the fluff! The Certified CyberDefender (CCD) course is made up of excellent quality content. It reminds me of a SANS course, with concentrated technical details without the fluff of other courses."



Empower your CyberDefense/Blue team skills and learn from established industry veterans.

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Frequently asked questions

What is CyberDefenders?

CyberDefenders is a blue team training platform focused on the defensive side of cybersecurity, aiming to provide a place for SOC analysts, threat hunters, and DFIR professionals to practice and validate their skills and acquire the ones they need.

  • CCD Certification: A one-time payment program offering a rigorous certification program with predefined labs and lessons. Designed for SOC analysts and blue teams to master key DFIR and CyberDefense techniques, it culminates in a 48-hour hands-on exam. Successful candidates earn the title of Certified Cyber Defender.
  • BlueYard Pro: A cyber range subscription service granting users continuous access to an evolving landscape of exclusive labs. New labs are added weekly to simulate emerging security threats and are separate from those in the CCD program.

Choose CCD for structured training and certification; pick BlueYard Pro for ongoing, dynamic lab experiences.

BlueYard is a self-guided, high-quality blue team labs and challenges.

They are blue team exercises meant to provide a way to practice CyberDefense skills. They come in different formats, such as attack investigation (SIEM style), PCAP analysis, memory analysis....etc. Each challenge has its scenario and a list of questions. Answering questions correctly requires going through an investigation scenario, analyzing data, and extracting the right piece of information. Challenges are free to play, while premium labs require a subscription and are hosted on the cloud.