Jailbroken is an iPad case investigation that exposes different aspects of IOS systems.

# Question Weight Solved
1 What is the IOS version of this device? 50 23

2 What mm/dd/yyyy did Nest connect? 50 9

3 Who is using the iPad? Include their first and last name. 50 19

4 When was the last time this device was 100% charged (Format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss PM)? 100 11

5 What is the title of the webpage that was viewed the most? 100 16

6 What is the title of the first podcast that was downloaded? 150 15

7 What is the name of the WiFi network this device connected to? 150 19

8 What is the name of the skin/color scheme used for the game emulator? This should be a filename. 150 14

9 How long did the News App run in the background? 150 9

10 What was the first app download from the AppStore? 150 12

11 What was the most recent emulator game obtained? 150 15

12 What app was used to jailbreak this device? 200 15

13 How many applications were installed from the app store? 200 17

14 How many save states were made for the game mentioned in the question (What was the most recent emulator game obtained)? 250 17

15 What language is the user trying to learn? 250 15

16 The user was reading a book in real life but used their IPad to record the page that they had left off on. What number was it? 250 16

17 If you found me, what should I buy? 300 9

18 There was an SMS app on this device's dock. Provide the name in bundle format: com.provider.appname 300 16

19 A reminder was made to get something, what was it? 300 15