A leader board used to be a core component of a typical practical training platform to demonstrate users' skills. We think that leaderboards started to fail recently and are not doing what it was supposed to do. Climbing the leaderboard became a goal in itself instead of being a tool to prove competency.

In fact, some of the top 10 users do not possess the competency level they are expected to have, leaving leaderboards credibility questionable.

We want to promote the culture of other genuine options that prove competency in a collaborating and contributing atmosphere. Coding new tools, blogging, and creating new challenges are very authentic methods that have the creator's signature and, more importantly, are beneficial for the rest of the community.

If you built something, let us know. We will be happy to share it with the community in a relevant section and publish it under your name, whether it's a tool, a blog, or a challenge.

Help us produce something new, enrich the community and encourage fellow defenders to do the same!

- CyberDefenders Team