Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is CyberDefenders?
    • CyberDefenders is a training platform focused on the defensive side of cybersecurity, aiming to provide a place for blue teams to practice, validate the skills they have, and acquire the ones they need.
    • Our mission is to help security analysts improve their hands-on defensive skills through a set of blue team challenges, offering an easy and quick way to provision on-demand, dedicated, and disposable cloud labs needed to test and develop detection techniques.


  • Is it free?
    • Yes, challenges are free to play. It's built by the community for the community.


  • What are challenges?
    • Challenges are blue team CTF's meant to provide a way to practice blue team skills. They come in different formats such as attack investigation (SIEM style), PCAP analysis, memory analysis....etc.

      Each challenge has its scenario and list of questions. Answering questions correctly requires going through an investigation scenario, analyzing data, and extracting the right piece of information.


  • I want to contribute. Can I submit my challenge?
    • Sure, we encourage fellow defenders to create challenges, and we will publish them under their names. If you master a specific defensive skill, why not let others know about it, be it SIEM, log analysis, packet analysis, reversing, forensics, or engineering. Trust us; the community is hungry for quality resources.You can also refer challenges you came across somewhere else. If you have something in mind but do not where or how to start, please feel free to get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help.